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Has your property sustained roof damage that requires replacement? Does it feel like your home is beginning to show its age? Have guests commented on the dark stains from water damage on your ceiling? Can you trust the integrity of your roof when it comes to protecting your valuable assets?

If you can’t answer these questions with confidence, it’s time to call Global Roofing.

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Hire the best to protect your precious home. Global Roofing and Contracting has more than 30 years of experience navigating complex insurance claims in an efficient, professional manner for residential properties throughout the East Coast of Florida. After all, we know it’s frustrating trying to find a competent roofing contractor. Our turnkey approach ensures your house is safely restored without hassle, so that you can remain focused on what matters most.

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Excellence in Everything We Do

When you choose Global Roofing and Contracting as your roofing partner, you have booked the best in the business. As our licenses and credentials show, our team embraces the challenge of setting a high standard for excellence in commercial and residential roofing services for our valued clients. We take pride in following best roofing practices to ensure the durability and longevity of your property for years to come.


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Comprehensive Residential Roofing Services by Global Roofing and Contracting 

As our extensive roofing credentials demonstrate, Global Roofing specializes in superior roof replacement. You can count on us to complete your roof in a timely, conscientious manner, delivering work that meets the highest standards while advocating for you throughout the entire insurance process. And, Global Roofing makes it easy to get started! Let our seasoned pros inspect your property at no cost or obligation to you, providing a detailed estimate of any damages we find. If you haven’t filed your claim yet, contact Global Roofing to get started.
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Request your free, no-obligation roof inspection at (561) 658-4850  or by submitting your request online

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Review and determine the scope of your roof damage.

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Delegate the process of navigating insurance claims to Global Roofing.

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How long do I have to file a claim?
In Florida, you have three years from the date of your loss to file a claim. 
What happens if my claim is denied?
Homeowners insurance claim denials happen all the time. However, Global Roofing knows exactly what to do. The first step involves reviewing the fine print in your policy. Next, we’ll file an appeal with your insurance company. Finally, and only if needed, Global Roofing has a great team of tenacious insurance claim attorneys on speed dial. 
Can I reopen an existing claim?
Yes, you can reopen an existing claim. Just resubmit the documents required to file a claim. 
How long does the process take?  
It depends on the production of your tile, wood shake or shingles. However, our team is known for efficiency, high energy and keeping a clean worksite. Once we have your materials, we will establish a timeline with you, and stick to it. 
What happens if my claim is closed?
We can reopen your claim by using the documents required to file a claim. 
What if I have already done partial repairs?
No problem! Global Roofing can add the invoices to your claim. 
Can I get reimbursed for prior repairs or expenses?  
You can certainly get reimbursement for prior repairs and expenses, so long as you keep the invoices and payment receipts. We will need to attach these items to your claim. 


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